Das virtuelle Kafka-Bureau


This interdisciplinary (cross-domain) project opens groundbreaking perspectives for literary scholarship. It sets out to develop a novel architecture of information systems for exploring multilingual, multimedia and multilevel (M3) universes of literary data. The work of Franz Kafka and its multilingual and multicultural field of emergence (the Habsburg Monarchy and the early Czech Republic, the Central European situation before, during and after WWI) will serve (1) as a paradigmatic case and (2) as an object of its own right.

Building on a European author of global impact, kafkabureau.net will be the first application and instantiation of the LiMeS environment for scholarly work. It goes far beyond current approaches to literary scholarship platforms (e.g. goethezeitportal.de, or hypernietzsche.org). Combining text analytics and semantic web structures with the cooperative potential of social software and offering multiple modes of presentation and interaction, kafkabureau.net will provide the first digital workspace opening up the specific (i.e. multivocal) informational potential of modern literary text as a tool of cultural memory to researchers, students, and public users of all levels. The successful implementation of this project will have far-reaching consequences for future scholarly and, more generally, cultural modes of making use of literary print text in a post-Gutenberg culture. Its potential impact reaches beyond the academic sphere, e.g. by offering a new technology to implement multicontextual readings of literature in secondary education.

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